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Dear Students, Staff and Parents,
I am delighted to welcome you to the website of TMAES DAV Public School – Hospet. It is our goal to make this website a means of communication to reach out to everybody and keep you informed on the happenings at school. Effective communication at all levels has become the need of the hour. I hope you will find this site helpful to navigate.
At our school, students are properly prepared to be 21st Century citizens, using critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication to develop their decision - making and problem solving skills. The school provides conducive environment for learning where all students feel enthusiastic about their school experiences. They learn to show respect towards individual, society and nation, take responsibility and work in team. It is our goal that each child will reach his/her greatest potential, academically and behaviorally, along with being fully prepared for success in college and in their career. 
The collaborative effort to the staff, students, families, and community members create a culture that promotes philosophy of life - long learning. It is my belief that this is the type of culture where all members of our school community thrive.
We will continuously update and revise this site in order to fit your present and future needs. To enhance the flow of information and effective communication, feedback for improvement is a necessity. Please feel free to make comment about our website as and when required. With your co-operation, we can continue to improve our sites so that it might more readily and easily utilized by all.
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